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Kayu-Kayu Beach Restaurant

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Spoil your taste buds under the roof of Kayu-Kayu Beachfront restaurant, with its wide selection of menus, ranging from Balinese, Thai, Indonesian, and European cuisines. The daily menu of the restaurant is processed from fresh ingredients of the local markets and fishermen. By the reason of its spectacular beachfront setting and breezing atmosphere, Kayu-Kayu Beachfront Restaurant has been a perfect spot to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner with your loved one, friends, or family.

On the second floor of the restaurant, guests of The Kirana Tembok can spend the evening in a modern styled bar and lounge, sipping their choice of beer, wine, cocktails, mocktails, or other regular drinks. It boasts wooden natural design, presenting the best view of the wooden decked beachfront swimming pool. Guest can easily enjoy lunch and dinner on a comfy table set while enjoying the view of the calming ocean.