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While spending restful nights at The Kirana Tembok, always think of pampering your senses by taking a bite on our top menus at Kayu-Kayu Beachfront Restaurant. And in sunny days, there is no better option besides soaking up the sunlight on the sunbeds by the infinity swimming pool right in front of the ocean.

Despite of being entirely removed from the hustle and bustle of the tourism and city life, you will still be connected to the outside world through the free Wi-Fi internet access within the property area. 16 hours guest service is awaiting to provide you the best support delivered by the best people of our team at this north Bali accommodation.

Kayu-Kayu Beach Restaurant

Spoil your taste buds under the roof of Kayu-Kayu Beachfront restaurant, with its wide selection of menus, ranging from Balinese, Thai, Indonesian, and European cuisines. The daily menu of the restaurant is processed from fresh ingredients of the local markets and fishermen. By the reason of its spectacular beachfront setting and breezing atmosphere, Kayu-Kayu Beachfront Restaurant has been a perfect spot to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner with your loved one, friends, or family.

Rumah Proses Bali

Rumah Proses Bali is a traditional Balinese styled kitchen situated in separate open space buildings within the green area of The Kirana Agro Resort. Making the best use of local wood, bamboo, and dried reeds materials, the pavilions of Rumah Proses Bali become a gathering spot where guests can immerse in a memorable experience of living like a local, processing local ingredients into mouthwatering foods in a Balinese cooking class. The buildings are equipped with a traditional wood-fired fireplace, traditional cooking utensils, and fire woods for this purpose.

Beachfront Infinity Pool

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